The children of Kingdom of the Silver Cat range in age from eight to thirteen and each have their own unique personalities and interests.

Annie Perel

Annie is twelve years old and in the seventh grade. She is slim, with bony features, wavy auburn hair, and brown eyes that water when she stares at something intently. She has a warm smile and a big heart. She is also strong-willed, but always thinking of others. Annie and her little brother Pete live with their dad, Mike, and his girlfriend, Sheila, along with their tuxedo cat Clam. Annie and Pete’s mom lives in California, but they feel close to her and talk to her several time a week by video chat. Annie loves food and dreams of someday having a job where she can travel around the world and taste all different types of cuisine.

Barth Ricci

Barth is eleven years old and in the sixth grade. He’s smart and practical-minded, with a passion for building things. Barth likes to understand how things work and hates anything that doesn’t make sense – like magic! Barth has tons of friends though he is a bit funny looking with a long torso, short legs and a head like a small watermelon. Barth has reddish, freckly skin and bushy, brown hair. He is the baby of his family, with a seventeen-year-old brother and sixteen-year-old sister. His mom is loud, friendly and talkative. She loves to gossip with the neighbors but is a great cook. His dad is quiet and soft spoken. He is a government inspector with a passion for golf.

Bobby Forester

Bobby is ten years old and in the fifth grade. He has hazel eyes and light brown hair. He was a bright, clever kid until he suffered a terrible injury when playing in a park with his dog Willow. After the injury, Bobby had to learn how to walk and talk again. He still slurs his words and moves with an awkward gait. Bobby loves to play with Legos, climb trees, and swim in the ocean. His favorite color is orange, and his favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Bobby’s dad is a manager at a department store, and his mom is a substitute teacher. Bobby doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, but he has two cousins – one a year older and one two years younger – whom he plays with often. Bobby dreams of being an astronaut someday and flying to Mars.

Celia Miera

Celia is eight years old and in the third grade. She is petite with sparkling cinnamon eyes, olive skin, delicate, elfish features, and shiny, chestnut hair that reaches halfway down her back. Her favorite colors are green and yellow. She likes earrings and bracelets and wears a silver ring with a tiny ruby stone on her right index finger. Celia likes to be the center of attention and dreams of being a pop singer someday. She has many friends but enjoys playing by herself with her dolls and stuffed animals. Celia lives with her sister Gabrielle, her dad, Josef, and her abuela (grandma). Celia believes in unicorns and hopes to see one someday.

Corey Pan

Corey is ten years old and in the sixth grade. He loves math, science, soccer and chess. He skipped the second grade. Other kids think he’s so smart that they call him CPU after the chip that runs a computer. His parents came to the United States from Taiwan before he was born. His dad is a software engineer, and his mom is an accountant. Corey’s grandparents live with them. His grandmother cooks for the family, and his grandfather likes to fix things around the house. Corey has two older sisters whom he finds annoying. His father is strict and punishes him if he doesn’t get straight As. His mother is affectionate. She likes to put her arms around him when they’re sitting on the couch. She spoils him and calls him her little prince.

Dylan Hester

Dylan is nine years old and in the fourth grade. He is a small, wiry kid, with mischievous eyes, and a permanent grin. Dylan has cocoa brown skin, short hair, large ears, and cheeks as puffy as a pack rat. He has a hard time sitting still and likes to play practical jokes. Dylan can run around all day and then sleep as soundly as a cat in a closet. He is Josh’s half-brother and thinks his older sibling can do no wrong. Dylan’s favorite food is French fries and his favorite drink is lemonade. He has a pet hamster and two fish. He loves to play cards, and Crazy Eights is his favorite card game. He likes to ride bikes and wants to get a motorcycle someday.

Emma Kadean

Emma is eleven years old and in the sixth grade. She is pretty, with silky brown hair, deep blue eyes, and delicate features. She is also cool tempered, cautious, and a bit of a perfectionist. Some kids think she is snooty and acts superior, but her aloofness is really a result of her natural shyness and perfectionistic nature. She has taken ballet for several years. She also tried gymnastics but didn’t think it was fun. Dogs annoy her but she thinks cats are elegant, clean an aristocratic. She can spend hours looking at fashion magazines and dreams of becoming a model someday but thinks she’s probably too short.

Gabrielle Miera

Gabrielle is eleven years old. She has short brown hair and radiant olive skin. Gabrielle hates girly things and hasn’t worn a dress since she could remember. She loves baseball, skateboarding, and breakdancing. She usually wears baggy sweatshirts, blue jeans and a baseball cap. She came to America from Honduras with her little sister, Celia, her dad and her grandma when she was eight-year-old. They left her mom behind and Gabrielle doesn’t think she’s still alive.

Josh Hester

Josh is thirteen years old and in the eighth grade. He has mocha colored skin, mahogany eyes, and short black hair. His parents moved to Albany from Atlanta, Georgia when he was a year old. His dad started a successful software company in Albany. Corey’s dad works at the company. Josh’s mother died from cancer when he was four years old. His father remarried, and Dylan is his younger, half-brother. Josh is athletically gifted, and highly intelligent, but serious-minded and rarely smiles. He loves acting but thinks he would like to be a doctor someday. Despite his melancholy demeanor, Josh is popular at school because of his talents and kindness toward everyone.

Mya Kadean

Mya is twelve years old and in the seventh grade. She has friendly, hazel eyes, a round face, and blonde hair that extends just past her shoulders. She is talkative and has a passion for plants and animals. She likes to watch nature videos. She is passionate about the environment and wants to be a botanist when she grows up. Mya loves dogs and has begged her parents to get one for many years. Her sister Emma likes cats, but her parents have refused to get either, saying pets are too much trouble. Mya started taking dance classes when she was eight years old and piano lessons when she was ten. Her piano teacher thinks she is gifted, and told her if she practiced more, she could participate and win piano competitions.

Rhea Morgan

Rhea is twelve years old and in the seventh grade. She has dark red hair and penetrating gray eyes. Rhea was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her family moved to Albany, New York when she was ten, and she still prefers southern food, such as shrimp gumbo, buttermilk biscuits, and peach cobbler. Rhea is a good athlete but doesn’t like sports, except for dance. A boy once challenged her to a push-up contest. She did eighty-five push-ups and beat him. Rhea has a temper and no patience for people she considers selfish or fake. She prefers one or two close friends to many casual ones. She is loyal and willing to do anything for her friends. Rhea lives with her younger sister and her mom. Her dad left the family when Rhea was eleven years old.

Sarah Mattus

Sarah is ten years old and in the fifth grade. She has green eyes, a pretty, oval face, fair skin, and light blonde hair. Sarah loves to read and learn new things. But if something catches her interest, she can become obsessed by it until she understands it completely. Sarah has strong opinions and can be stubborn but is also creative and has endless ideas, which can easily distract her. Because of her natural curiosity and passion for learning, Sarah does well in school and teachers are fond of her. Timmy Davin is Sarah’s best friend. She likes him because he’s different from other kids and often says peculiar things that make her laugh.

Ted Wallis

Ted is thirteen years old and in the eighth grade. He has brown eyes and dark blonde hair. He likes to talk and tell stories. When he’s by himself, he often enjoys word games and crossword puzzles. School is easy for Ted, particularly English and History. His mom thinks he’d be a good lawyer, but that job sounds boring to him. He wants to be a musician. He loves all kinds of music but listens mostly to indie bands and electronic DJs. Ted lives with his mom and younger sister, Mary, whom he is close to. Ted’s dad died when he was eleven years old. Their family has a cat named Munster and a parakeet called Boke.

Timmy Davin

Timmy is ten years old and in the fifth grade. He’s tall for his age, with sandy-blond hair, pale freckly skin and lively blue eyes. He often daydreams and has a habit of saying anything that pops into his head even when he doesn’t know what it means. Timmy has one older brother and two older sisters. His parents are so busy with their jobs and his siblings that he thinks no one pays to much attention to him. Sarah has been his best friend since third grade. She understands him better than most people, and often seems to know what he’s thinking before he says it.  They have the same teacher and usually eat lunch together. Timmy is close to his grandpa who lives on a farm in Kentucky. Timmy has spent three summers on the farm, helping his grandpa take care of his cows, pigs, and chickens. Timmy would like to have his own farm someday.

Wesley Mattus

Wesley is twelve years old and in the seventh grade. He has blue eyes and brown hair. He is a friendly boy, but serious-minded, and a bit shy. He has happy, kind eyes, a gentle smile, fine features and a prominent jaw. He likes to doodle and read adventure stories. He is a good athlete, but not a top one. His favorite sports are soccer and football. He also loves to run. His favorite classes are history and art. He is good at math but he’s struggling in French class. He likes taking care of others and being in charge but is not aggressive about it. He is usually patient and mild-tempered. He believes in honesty and other people quickly trust him. He is fascinated by software and has taught himself code. He would like to start his own software company someday.