Kingdom of the Silver Cat

Imagine you are riding to school one day, when your bus passes through a blue light in the road and is transported to a beautiful meadow. Your bus driver leaves to find help but doesn’t come back. You and your friends must fend for yourselves.

You explore the area, but can’t find any roads, cars, buildings, or people. You don’t know where you are or how to get home. But you discover that you and your friends have each received a magical power, and along with that power comes a weakness.

That is how Kingdom of the Silver Cat begins – a story of friendship, adventure, mystery, fun, and danger. It’s the first book in the Sapphire Fruit Chronicles series.


As you travel through this land, you encounter strange, terrifying and wonderful creatures, including beautiful warrior fairies, giant wolves, an icy mist monster, playful clouds and bouncing bears. But when terrifying winged creatures begin hunting you, you and your friends must flee for your lives.

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You have arrived in this land with your schoolmates, ranging in age from eight to thirteen, the oldest being Josh, an African American boy and natural leader, and the youngest being Celia, a pixyish but brave girl, who loves flowers and unicorns. Each of your friends have their own passions, interests, fears and dreams. You must work together and help each other to survive.


As you journey through this land, you learn it is called Hevelen, and like your home, it has great green forests, snow-capped mountains, wide rushing rivers, and barren deserts. It is also a land of glittering cities, dark castles, ancient ruins, peaceful farms, and giant fireballs that streak across the sky each day.

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Sapphire Fruit

You were brought to this land by a sapphire fruit – a mysterious, blue, glittering object – that is called the fruit of power. The sapphire fruit were believed to all have been lost, but your appearance shows this is untrue. Only a wielder of a sapphire fruit can bring someone from your world to this one.

The Gifts

Each person who comes to this world receives a magical power and a weakness. The magical power is sought-after by those in this world – some good, some bad – who wish to use it for their own ends. You must master your power and your weakness, if you hope to survive in this land and someday return home.